Glitch™ Daily Eye Care Kit

Glitch™ Daily Eye Care Kit

  • Daily Eye Support
  • Eye Doctor Approved
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Portable for work, home or travel use (TSA approved)
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  • 60 Day Happiness Guaranteed
  • Eye Strain From Excessive Screen Time
  • Eye Dryness
  • Eye Redness
  • Eye Fatigue
  • Eye Irritation & Itchiness
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Under & On-Eye Styes
  • Macular & Periorbital Edema
  • Preventative Maintenance for Eye Health

We recommend using each product at least once daily as directed below.

UltraSight™ Eye Drops:

Instill 1 to 2 drops as needed up to 4 times daily.

Blue Light Defense™ Gummies:

Take 2 gummies daily for maximum eye health & performance results.

SteamTech™ Self Heating Eye Masks:

  1. Remove eye mask from the pouch. (only at use as it will automatically activate)
  2. Gently tear along the perforation, the place elastic bands over ears and white area of the mask over eyes.
  3. Sit back & relax for 25-30 minutes or longer depending on your preference.
  4. Dispose the eye mask after single use. Do not reuse.

We believe in our eye care products so much, we provide a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products if any defects or issues arise.

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Struggling with these symptoms?

In today's digital age, using our phones and computers all the time, has caused a surge in eye problems and rising diseases. Taking care of your eyes daily is the key to healthy eyes long-term.

A Game Changer in Daily Eye & Vision Care

"Glitch is changing how we care for our eyes, it's a must in today's digital world."
- Rated #1 Eye Health Product of 2023 - Healthline Magazine

What's Included In Your Daily Eye Care Kit?

30 Day Supply

UltraSight™ 4-in-1 Eye Drops

Hydrate and soothe your eyes all day long with our fast acting, long lasting formula to treat redness, irritation and dry eyes.

30 Day Supply

Blue Light Defense™ Gummies

Nourish your eyes with the vitamins and nutrients they need to help filter blue light, improve eye health and overall performance long-term.

30 Day Supply

SteamTech™ Self Heating Eye Mask

Give your eyes the relief they need with safe heat directly penetrating the ocular surface to enable natural tears, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and decrease puffiness.

Real Customer Results

Our Daily Eye Care Kit was designed to give you everything to elevate your eye health & start preventative maintenance to prevent long-term issues & diseases.


Preventative maintenance such as using eye drops daily to keep your eyes healthy, is just like brushing your teeth everyday in order to keep them clean and prevent gum disease. You do not need to be diagnosed with an eye problem to start taking care of your eyes.

Preventative maintenance is key to keep your eyes healthy for the rest of your life. Eye issues and diseases such as glaucoma or blindness develop overtime, and using eye drops daily can help prevent these eye issues from developing in the future.

Yes, we want you to implement Glitch™ eye drops and other products into your daily routine, as your eyes will only be healthy and improve if you take care of them. You can use these throughout the day as needed per the directions daily!

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